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This is the old Demo page, please goto the Main Page for WikiHowTo

This page is only kept for historical reference

Other Wiki style howto siteEdit

What we liked and didn't like about them
Please give feedback on what you think is good or band about the sites so we can improve wikihowto

Please note all of these sites existed before wikihowto, We think that these sites are not as useful, organized, etc as they could be. Thats why we started WikiHowTo. The risk of having many wiki-style howto sites is that all may be watered down and would not contain the amount if it were whole. By forming a WikiMedia Project this would formalize a howto site in one location, and ideally all projects would merge.
Please also note that i am very cridical and do not mean to bad mouth. I would discribe this site as useless, unoraganise, clutered, and sometimes incomprehensable, So please don't take offence. Ever site below has good parts and bad.


  • : This site has nice organization and howto formating rules, but it does not cross link, or link to definitions. We want WikiHowTo to be fully integrated into the other wiki projects. All keywords should be linked to Wikipedia, and all steps that are not intuitive should be linked to a smaller howto
  • : Nice organization. We think that WikiHowTo's are important enough to have their own page. also more formal page layout rules may be beneficial. As time goes on i imagine this site will increase its cross listing and Wikipedia links
  • - under GFDL license! But in German, and i cant read. Seems to be empty of anything, maybe its just getting started
  • - Seems good, although the categories for organized are not to useful, people don't search for howto's by price, and it is unlikely the a multitude of similar howto's will exist where searching for the cheapest howto will be needed. I do however like the idea of the cross linked categories, and i think it will be implemented into the site, once good categories are selected.

Specialized howto sitesEdit

Main Page | About WikiHowTo | Project Proposal | Latest News

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