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HowTo: Create a Wiki HowTo Edit


Before starting a HowTo it is important to have the experience and knowledge to be able to thoroughly and accurately describe the process to complete the project. A new HowTo should follow this page's skeleton form. If you are updating or correction a page, See:HowTo: Update a HowTo Page

Remember the more detailed the instructions the more likely they can be followed by everyone.

Requirements/Part List/Tool ListEdit

  1. Become a User: Although you can submit anonymously, we prefer giving credit where credit is due.
  2. Computer with Internet Connection


  1. Check another HowTo doesn't exist under another name.
  2. Naming Conventions:
    • Names should be terse without being vague.
    • Avoid unnecessary words. [e.g.: HowTo a, an, the] Try to limit names to subject, verb, and sparse adjectives. Keep it as simplistic as possible.
      • Example: 'HowTo check your spark plugs' should be Check_spark_plug
    • Specify a product name when the difference effects the HowTo.
      • Example: use 'Install_Linux_Fedora_Core_2' instead of 'Install_Linux'
  3. Follow Wikihowto/howto formate template:
    • Create s short description of the project, if beneficial add Wikipedia links to any specific terms in the form Definition: Fedora_Core
    • Limit the Requirements/Parts/Tools list as much as possible.
      • If necessary, add a description of the requirement, after a semicolon.
        • Definitions, price estimates, purpose, or substitutions are encouraged.
    • Be descriptive, add sub steps to make things clear.
    • Include photos, diagrams, and other multimedia when necessary.
    • If a step requires more than a simple explanation, title the step and create sup-steps, or sub-sub-steps.
    • Keeps all steps, sub-steps, etc. short to increase readability and decrease confusion.
  4. Link to Other HowTo's:
    • When a step assumes knowledge of another HowTo not described on you page, add a link to that HowTo.
      • If a step or series of step could form their own HowTo make a new HowTo for those steps.
    • Links should be in the form See:[ [ wikihowto/replace_light_bulb | HowTo: replace a light bulb ] ]
    • For example: 1. Before you start the start the engine you should check you spark plugs. See:
  5. Link technical terms, products, or other important words to Wikipedia definitions.

Testing/Debugging/Common Errors/Common Problems/NotesEdit

References/See Also/External LinksEdit


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