Read the proposal and join us on the discussion page.
Help with the domain name and the project name.

This is the old Demo page, please goto the Main Page for WikiHowTo

This page is only kept for historical reference

Once WikiHowTo becomes resonably developed we will formally propose WikiHowTo as a WikiMedia Project. See


  • Demo site:
  • Link to request on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: WikiHowTo, Wiki HowTo, ...
  • Domain name(possible):
    • (state of registration: Owned by
    • (state of registration: Available)
    • Other?
  • Scope: WikiHowTo would offer tutorials in any numbers of subjects, and unlike most on line tutorials these will stay up to date, as long as they are popular enough to be viewed.
  • Details: Example of Site:wikihowto Description of site: wikihowto/Help:About
  • Proposer: User:ZyMOS
  • People interested joining: if you like this idea put your user name below
    • xx
    • xx
    • xx
    • xx
  • Comments:
    • There is a wikibook. HowTo book shelf. However I believe that howtos are popular enough to have their own separate site. These is also an external website, which is a uses wiki, but they do not cross link information and link words to wikipedia that many not be obvious to the reader. I believe wikihowto is a perfect fit, using wiki, so that errors are minimized and pages are updated. ZyMOS 01:56, 15 January 2006 (UTC)


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