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About: WikiHowToEdit


The purpose of WikiHowTo is to offer a centralized location for people to locate constantly updating tutorials or HowTo's. The WikiMedia Ideology of free and open content 'sways' the HowTo's to be both self-correcting and constantly updating. The most desirable and popular HowTo's will have the most contributors, while the less common will be filled the more specialized and 'motivated' contributors.


See: wikihowto/policy


Currently, WikiHowTo is being maintained by User:ZyMOS and User:Robber Baron, but of course, the real control of WikiHowTo is within the masses and always will be. So Thanks for the help.


See: wikihowto/warnings


All the information on WikiHowTo has no guarantee of accuracy. Although there are millions of people to correct errors, people make mistakes and others miss those mistakes. HowTo procedures offer no guarantee of success. Be cautious when following the HowTo's. Make sure each step makes sense and seems reasonably safe before proceeding. The WikiMedia foundation, WikiHowTo, or anyone else is not responsible for and loss of property, damage, or personal injury. Children should not follow any HowTo's without parental supervision. Do not expect anyone to reimburse you for damage, injury, or anything else. The Choice is yours and so is the responsibility.
The Wikipedia:General disclaimer also applies to WikiHowTo.

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