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WikiHowTo (proposal)
Comments from User:ZyMOS

Please insert you opinions
I did a little cleaning og the proposal, but i changed no concepts. I will discuss concepts here until be agree on them

Ideas SuggestionsEdit

  • To clean up and organize the proposal perhaps we should have the definitions, examples, and naming conventions all in the same paragraph. i.e. objects, portals, guides, howtos.....

Small to Moderate ChangesEdit

  • We should just stick with the word Portal, and not use mini-portal or sub-portal etc.....

Distinct ChangesEdit

  • Objects should just be Wikipedia pages left on Wikipedia. maintaining, copys or summeries, would be a major problem. Alternatively we could doone of two things.
    1. Once we are a really official projects, we could put links on the Wikipedia pages to the wikihowto portals. In a section Howto's and Guides or something like that.
    2. We could implement a script or function that would be on wikihowto. objects would be on wikihowto. the would grab the text on Wikipedia and display it with our header and footer. I couldn't find anything on Wikipedia help, that could do this though.



  • I added a diagram to the proposal and cleaned up some words. ZyMOS 05:18, 31 January 2006 (UTC)

Ideas agreed opon and mergedEdit

  • HowTos should have a standared format or at least a suggested format. It will make the site more uniform and easier for people to read. I like the idea of guide being free form so people can use their own writing styles but howto's are simpler and i think it be better to have a simple outline. Look at wikihowto/install gentoo emerge I think this is a good format but its open for changes. A Simple HowTo Formate Wikihowto/format simple

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