How to read a log file that was created and edited within a Windows environment (OS)

(not necessarily the .evt or .evtx files, <-- I have to confirm this Fleetwoodta (talk) 20:28, June 24, 2014 (UTC) )

use the iconv tool.

iconv -f unicode <filename>

The argument (main argument/value in that command line) is the path to the file that you want to perform the conversion operation on.

NOTE: This does NOT alter the actual contents of the file (in ram, nor on permanent storage). This simply streams the output of the file and before it reaches its destination, converts it to another character set / encoding.

Read more about character encodings / character sets (charsets) : "Character Encodings Demystified" by Dillon Woods.

man iconv Edit

The user manual (or documentation / Help guide reference) to iconv utility/app/program:

at ManPagez

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