A great way to hear a little segment/section/passage (clip) (sample) of an audio recording (music)

repeatedly, slowed-down to transcribe/learn ("pick-out" (notes))

Use the command line mplayer (Mplayer2 package)

Transcribe by ear using command-line tools

Mplayer(2) allows the playback speed to be adjusted. Slow the recording down (thus also proportionately lowering the pitch) and hear the notes more slowly (though pitches can get muddy and thus difficult to discern).

mplayer (path to video or audio file (at least its filename))webm -vo none -ss '0:00:45' -endpos '3' -loop 0 -speed .75

The key switches there are:

  • -ss value can be expressed in terms of whole-number seconds from beginning OR a time position (in terms of (optionally hours) : minutes : seconds
  • -endpos (value/argument should be a whole number (integer) NOT a time position
  • -loop (assigning a value of '0' means loop endlessly (until Ctrl+C breaks)

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