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!!! For the DOMAIN name problem there is a separate discussion: Meta:Domain name problem

Suggested PROJECT names:Edit

  • Wikihowto
  • Wiki solutions
  • Howto Wiki
  • Howtopedia
  • Wikitorial
  • Wikiknowhow
  • Wiki guides
  • Wiki howtos
  • WikiDIY
  • Technopedia
  • Wikitech
  • Technowiki
  • add any more...

Suggested objective evaluation criteria:Edit

  • Meaning
  • International comprehendability
  • Shortness
  • Confusability with other site names
  • Connotations
  • Available as a domain name
  • add any more...

Present situation

  1. wikihowto - (presently de-facto we are calling it this way)
  2. howto wiki - (synonymically also referred as)

Placements Edit

  1. Write here discussions.

Placements are to be decided in the discussion page of this page.

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