Method 1Edit

Tools Edit

  • Knife, chisel, sharp stone, or other cutting tool
  • Kiln or possibly just a fire

Materials Edit

Procedure Edit

  1. Cut the wood into a long narrow block, square on the end and about ten times as long as it is tall/wide.
  2. Make a groove in the wood, so that it now has a profile that is more U-shaped than square.
  3. Prepare the pencil lead:
    • If solid lead is available (only known deposite at Seathwaite Fell near Borrowdale, Cumbria, England) cut it into the size and shape to fit into the groove.
    • Otherwise, take the powdered graphite and mix with clay. Form into needed size and shape, and fire in the kiln.
  4. Attach the lead to the wooden groove either by simply gluing it in place, or by cutting another wooden strip and gluing it between the groove and strip.
  5. Use the knife to make a point on one end of the pencil.

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