So you want to archive/backup your Yahoo Mail! on your Linux or Unix machine. You can use these tools to do that.



Download emails into a mbox fileEdit

  • This will download all your Yahoo emails into a single mbox file
  • Install fetchyahoo
  • Configure ~/.fetchyahoorc
    • Set username, password and spool
      • spool is the mbox output file
    • recommended setings
      • no-delete = 1
      • safe-download = 1
        • if you have more than 400 messages in a folder
    • Set folders to the folder or folders you want to archive
      • I like to run fetchyahoo seperatly for each folder creating separate mbox files
        • Example, settings
          • spool = /home/zymos/mail/yahoo_inbox.mbox
          • folders = Inbox
          • spool = /home/zymos/mail/yahoo_sent.mbox
          • folders = Sent
  • run fetchyahoo for each folder, if desired

Convert mbox file to eml filesEdit

if you want eml

files for each message instead or a single mbox file for all messages use
  • for each mbox file run
    • ./ /home/zymos/mail/yahoo_inbox.mbox

Extract all attachments from filesEdit

To extract all the attached files in the various eml files run

  • munpack *.eml
    • note this extract the files as they are named in the email, it will not have a filename to show which eml file they came from

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