An object page is the simplest page on WikiHowTo. The object can be essentially any type of noun, and links to the howtos that are directly related to it.

You can create a new object page by typing the name of the object page you wish to create into the box below and clicking the arrow.

Create a new page:

Copy-paste this code for new objects
'''Object:''' [[wikipedia:en:|]]


* [[Howto ]]


* [[Guide to ]]

===See Also:===

* [[]]

* [[]]

An example format of an Object page is shown below.
Object: Cat



See Also:

The code to make the example above
'''Object:''' [[wikipedia:en:Cat|Cat]]]


* [[Howto adopt a cat]]

* [[Howto train a cat]]


* [[Guide to cat ownership]]

===See Also:===

* [[Tabby cats]]

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