Wikihowto is based on the basic Howto page

Howto pages contain descriptive step-by-step instructions about how to accomplish a specific task. It could be repair instructions, a recipe, describing how to make something from everyday materials, a scientific procedure, or any other task that can be described using step-by-step instructions. Howto pages often contain photographs or diagrams to make the steps of the task easier to understand.


The title of a Howto should start with the word 'Howto'. It should be precise but not wordy. All words should be lowercase except for the first word and proper nouns.

  • Examples:
    • Howto make a vegetable garden
    • Howto setup a Linux server

Creating a new howto pageEdit

To start a page

  • Enter the full name of your page below
    Do this after you have finished reading this page, it will open a new page
Create a new page:

For more details: See: Howto create a new page on Wikihowto

Standard layout for Howto pages on WikihowtoEdit

This is optional. You can do pretty much any style

Copy-paste this code for new Howto pages

==Materials & tools needed==

==Quick steps==

==Full steps==

=See also=

* [[]]

* [[]]

=External links=

The above code will produce the following page

Materials & tools neededEdit

Quick stepsEdit

Full stepsEdit

See alsoEdit

  • [[]]
  • [[]]

External linksEdit

See alsoEdit

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