• Legit version of Windows XP, it must be able to Windows Genuine Advantage
  • Virtual Machine: Virtualbox OSE
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Player DRM


  1. Install Virtualbox OSE
  2. Start Virtualbox
    • Execute: sudo modprobe vboxdr
    • Execute: VirtualBox &
  3. Create WinXP virtual machine
    1. Click 'New'
    2. Click 'Next'
      • Name: Windows XP
      • OS Type: Windows XP
    3. Click 'Next'
    4. Base Memory Size: set as default
    5. Click 'Next'
    6. Click 'New...', to create a new virtual disk
    7. Click 'Next'
    8. Image Type: Dynamically....
    9. Click 'Next'
    10. Image File Name: where ever you wish to have it
    11. Image Size: 5GB
    12. Click 'Finished'
    13. Click 'Next'
    14. Click 'Finished'
  4. Install Windows XP onto the Virtual Machine
    1. Insert the 'Windows XP' install CD
    2. Click 'Start', to start the virtual machine
    3. This will boot the install CD in the virtual machine, install Windows XP on the virtual disk as you normally would
  5. Open this page in the virtual machine.
  6. Install required software
  7. Go to Netflix and try view a video.
  8. Install any other required plug-ins

You will have to add PPA (Personal Packages Archives) in order to install Netflix on Linux.

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

To install Netflix Desktop on Ubuntu and Linux MintEdit

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

To install Netflix Desktop on Fedora and CentosEdit

32 bits
# yum -y install
# yum -y install

64 bits
# yum -y install
# yum -y install

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