Voting in an STV Election is easy, all you have to do is list the candidates in order of preference. STV stands for Single Transferable Vote (also known as Choice Voting). STV gives voters more choice than under first past the post and reduces the number of wasted votes. STV is used for public elections in New Zealand, Ireland, Malta and Scotland. STV is also used for some trade union, health boards and education board elections.

Steps Edit

  1. Write the number "1" next to the name of your favourite candidate.
  2. Put a "2" where the name of your second favourite candidate appears.
  3. Add the number "3" close to the name of your third favourite candidate.
  4. Continue in this manner until you have finished voting.

Notes Edit

  • You can number as many or as few candidates as you wish.
  • Make sure that you vote for all of your preferences if you want your vote to be as powerful as possible.
  • The way you order you preferences lower down the list will never affect the chances of your first choice candidate being elected.
  • Check your ballot to make sure you are happy with it.
  • If there is one candidate who you really do not want to win then you should number all of the candidates and give the candidate you really don't want to win the highest number.

Warnings Edit

  • Always read the instructions on the ballot paper
  • Do not vote with an "X".
  • Do not use the same number twice
  • Do not miss out any number e.g. by going straight from "5" to "7".

Sources and Citations Edit

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