It is fairly simple to use the Canon XTi/Canon ESO 400D in Linux. This howto should also work with the Canon XT and other Canon Digital SLRs.



gtkam screenshot

gtkam is a frontend from gphoto2, which works with Canon XTi/D400. It is a simple interface, but clumsy and limited functions.

  • Pictures are acquired by going to
    • File
      • Save photos
        • All

Digkam is a KDE frontend of ghoto2. It can acquire images as well as being a fully featured image viewer.

Command lineEdit

Connecting to the camera is easy using gphoto2, a digital camera program. With a single command you can download all the pictures from the camera.


Using gPhoto2Edit

Make sure your battery have enough juice, or you will get an non-descriptive error

  • Test the connection
    • Execute: gphoto2 --auto-detect

  • List files/pictures
    • execute:
      • gphoto2 -L
      • gphoto2 --list-files

  • Get/download all files/pictures
    • execute:
      • gphoto2 -P
      • gphoto2 --get-all-files

  • Delete all files/pictures
    • execute:
      • gphoto2 -D
      • gphoto2 --delete-all-files

Script for downloaded filesEdit

for more information try man gphoto2 or visit their website

External LinksEdit

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