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Manual install Edit

You can manually install your oss to run under QEMU

Obtained the installed verssion Edit

You can obtain many free os's pre-installed and configured with a few applications already installed as a disk image.

All you nead is to have a functional QEMU (you can obtain on this web site an installer for QEMU under Windows, under MACOS X ans under Linux).

free os zoo

Operating systems that have a pre-installed image.

For x86 emulation:

  • GNU/Linux ( deb: Debian / Ubuntu - rpm: Mandriva / Fedora / CentOS / Suse - other: Slackware / ArchLinux / ArkLinux / EucatistOS )
  • xBSD ( NetBSD / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / PcBSD / Darwin )
  • OpenSolaris
  • FreeDOS
  • ReactOS
  • Minix
  • Plan9

For PowerPC emulation:

  • Debien GNU/Linux PPC

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