When you are watching videos you would like your screensaver to not turn on in the middle of the show. Most video players turn them off. MPlayer and Xine do. But when you watching videos online it doesn't always work out. With xset you can turn off XScreenSaver and DPMS.

  • xset s on/off
    • turns on or off XScreenSaver
      • XScreenSaver off: xset s off
      • XScreenSaver on: xset s on
  • xset +/-dpms
    • turns on or off DPMS (power save)
      • DPMS off: xset -dpms
      • DPMS on: xset +dpms

You can use both at the same time

  • Off: xset s off -dpms
  • On: xset s on +dpms

He is a script that allows you to turn it off for a certain amount of time, then it will turn it back on

For more on xset see the xset manual

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