The best way to stop panic attacks is to realize that you need to address your entire lifestyle as well as the specific patterns of thinking that lead to panic attacks, sounds daunting but it can be done. You see we learn to think in the pattern that encourages panic attacks and anxiety attacks - and they come about in one huge fashion - through resistance


The first thing you need to know is that Panic Attacks are not fatal, and that it is an overreaction of the mind to a nonexistent threat, its the fight or flight normal reaction to when a REAL threat arrives i.e. a bear trying to eat you.

Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks Edit

Heart palpitations or pounding heart

  • Feeling of tingling in the extremities
  • Feeling of Impending doom or calamity
  • Choking sensation in the throat
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Tightness of chest
  • Breathing in quick short breaths mostly from the upper chest
  • Fear of dying or going crazy
  • you may have been so alarmed that you went to the hospital or contacted the emergency services, thinking you were having a heart attack.

If you have 4 or more of these symptoms then you most probably have anxiety panic disorder


How to Cure Panic Attacks Edit

  1. quit caffeine - no more tea coffee or energy drinks(red bull) containing caffeine or gaurana, these contribute in a major way to panic attacks
  2. quit nicotine- nicotine is a stimulant and aggravates panic attacks
  3. quit alcohol - messes with your cns(central nervous system)
  4. purchase ashwaghanda as a powdered herb supplement and take 1 tablespoon 2 x a day - put it on tongue then take a huge sip of water and woosh it around until its not dry powder anymore, then swallow! - you will notice significant improvement in a week, and you will become more confident & assertive in your
    Ashwagandha extract 2
    life.- ashwaghanda is an ayurvedic herb used for this purpose.
  5. eat a healthy diet
  6. supplement vitamin b
  7. use bach flower remedies - rescue remedy
  8. drink chamomile tea often(more than 4 cups a day)
  9. try valerian as a herb to help soothe the nervous system
  10. Take up Yoga
  11. Learn Meditation, practice daily
  12. Take up Tai Chi practice daily

All the above is excellent for setting some groundwork for curing panic attacks and will greatly reduce their frequency but unless you learn a technique to master your own mind then this will not be a definitive cure. I can recommend the one move technique

find an excellent mental training - how to deal with step by step panic attacks with your mind, i.e. what to do when one occurs.

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