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How to sort incoming messages from mailing lists into a folder with Yahoo! Mail

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  1. Access your Yahoo! Mail.
  2. Go to Mail > Options.
  3. Select Filters under Management column.
  4. Click "Add".
  5. Enter filter name for your reference under the Filter Name.
  6. In the place "To/Cc header:", choose "Contains"
  7. Enter the email address of the group (mailing list), e.g.,
  8. Choose the folder you want to sort all these messages to, or select [New Folder] if you want to create the folder for these messages.
  9. Click the "Add Filter" below.
  10. If the "Please enter a name for your folder." pop-ups, enter there the desirable folder name and confirm it.


[New Folder]


   To/CC contains ""


Move message to [New Foler] folder

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