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How to shutdown or reboot a Unix machine

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the program is usually in /sbin

  • execute
    for a shutdown but not necessarily powerdown
    /etc/halt -p
    for shutdown and power down
  • Or use /sbin/shutdown
Usage:    shutdown [-akrhPHfFnc] [-t sec] time [warning message]
                  -a:      use /etc/shutdown.allow
                  -k:      don't really shutdown, only warn.
                  -r:      reboot after shutdown.
                  -h:      halt after shutdown.
                  -P:      halt action is to turn off power.
                  -H:      halt action is to just halt.
                  -f:      do a 'fast' reboot (skip fsck).
                  -F:      Force fsck on reboot.
                  -n:      do not go through "init" but go down real fast.
                  -c:      cancel a running shutdown.
                  -t secs: delay between warning and kill signal.
                  ** the "time" argument is mandatory! (try "now") **


  • execute

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