How To set up your own TiddlyHome 2 using TiddlyHomeEdit

Guided tourEdit

Your own TiddlyWiki at TiddlyHome 2.0Edit

  1. a google account is required
  2. login and set a username for TiddlyHome2
  3. create a new TiddlyWiki at /{YourName}/tiddlywikis page
  4. Optionally, from the new tiddlywiki page, you can Upload a local TiddlyWiki

How it worksEdit


TiddlyHome2 is a Google App Engine application where :

  • user authentication is done by Google Account
  • authorization and protection are manage by user
  • content (tiddlers) are saved in Google Datastore
  • conform to the TiddlyWiki single file paradigm

The data model:Edit

  • User owns Namespaces
  • User owns Tiddlywikis
  • Namespace owns Tiddlers
  • TiddlyWiki, in a Namespace, references Tiddlers

RESTFull ApiEdit

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