See a the contents of a Qemu image on a Linux/UNIX based OS using the mount command

Prerequisites Edit

  • you must have an OS installed under qemu
  • we suppose that the OS you have installed with qemu is on the hd.img file

Problem Edit

  • How to see the content of the installed system (found in the file hd.img) ?

Steps Edit

  • create a directory called test near the hd.img file
  • open a console and go in the directory where you have hd.img
  • verify that nobody uses the hd.img file (by closing your qemu processes)
  • mount the image in a directory called test for example :
 mount -o loop,offset=32256 hd.img test
now you should see the content of hd.img in the test directory
  • when you have finished using it, you have to unmount it :
umount test

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