The most common problem with handheld electric drills are a result of is dirt, dust and grime. The most common effect is the copper connections on the armature get coated and stop conducting properly.


screw driver

Cost Time Difficulty Age Group
1$US 30m easy 16+



Figure 1: Back of the drill, internal and external

Taking apart
  1. Remove the 3 back screws and take off back cover
  2. Remove the trigger but pushing the unlock button
    You do not need to remove the brushes
  3. Remove the internal screw
  4. remove the front of the drill
  5. carefully remove the armature, and any cover that may be in front of it.

Figure 2: A clean armature, with an arrow pointing to the copper conductor

To Clean it
  1. Take apart the drill (carefully)
  2. remove the armature
  3. Sand the copper so it shiny and smooth.
  4. clean, remove any copper filings
  5. Clean the rest of the drill the best you can
    Note the gear box is supposed to have grease in it, so if its not giving you problems don't clean it.
  • Figure 2 shows a clean copper conductor on the armature of a Craftsman drill.

Put together drill
  1. place parts back in the same order the were removed
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