Bike tires are quite easy to repair.


  • tire patch kit
  • pump
  • tire removers


  1. Take the tube out
    1. Deflate the tube
    2. Use the 2 tire removers to take the tire off
    3. Leave the tire on and pull the tube out
  2. Find the hole
    1. First look around to see if there are any obvious holes, otherwise
    2. Over-inflate the tube
    3. Slowly listen and/or feel for the air blowing on your cheek
    4. Put water on the hole, see if it bubbles
  3. Repair the hole
    1. Clean off the spot with the hole
    2. Sand the spot where the hole is, larger than the patch
    3. Spread the glue (plastic cement) very thinly, larger than the patch, and let it dry.
    4. Push the patch firmly on the hole
    5. Push from the inside outwards so the patch is smooth
    6. Wait for the patch to set, ~30s
  4. Go back to stage 2 to check to see if there is another hole
  5. Thoroughly, check the inside of the tire for thorns and such, so you don't re-puncture it again
  6. Put the tube back in the tire
  7. Pump it up and let it sit for a minute to see if its still is leaking
  8. Smile

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