Yesterday my little brother came to my room and told me that he wanted to watch cartoons on my pc, i found the cartoon he likes and i thought he was just sitting there for cartoons, so i left him alone. Two hours later, when I came back to my room, I found that my hard drive on E partition had been formatted by him and as a result, all of my data stored on E was lost. I felt hapless because there exists an important Excel spreadsheets on the drive E partition, how can i recover my Excel from the formated hard drive? Does anybody can help tell me how i can do the Excel recovery job? — Jack

Well, first I can definitely say that the Excel workbook can be restored via an data recovery tool because hard drive formating does’t remove the original data on your hard drive, it is just marking the hard disk as a new hard disk that can be written into new data. And now the problem we are faced with is which data recovery tool we choose to do the work because there exists many tools in the market, and some is free of charge while some is rechargeable.

Now, i will give you the answer. By and large, we can divided these software into three three categories:

First categories: they are totally free of charge in general. But as the saying goes “ the higher the price, the better the quality of the goods”, so they always don’t perform what they promise and let us down. Representative softwares are Recuva Free, Undelete 360 and Wise Data Recovery etc.

So if you are the one who has lost an important Microsoft Office file due to format, choose one to do the recovery job and generally they works also great for formating USB disk, external hard drive and SD card etc. Here i recommended Abstradrome Office Regenerator to you to do the job because i think it is more safe and well-advised to help you recover the excel from format hard drive than the other two categories softwares.

Follow the guide of recovering Word from Foramted Hard Drive[file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/%E6%A1%8C%E9%9D%A2/%E5%B7%A5%E4%BD%9C/untitled%20folder/newmac/posts/how-to-recover-excel-file-from-a-format-hard-drive.html  ]with Abstradrome Office Regeneratort, it is almost the same with recovering Excel guide.

Article Source: Deleted/corrupted Excel recovery

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