It believes most of office workers have encountered a situation that your Word, Excel and PowerPoint file disappear from your eyes before you can save it due to the crash of system, the power outage or procedural conflict and so on. As a result, you lost the unsaved MS document or workbook unfortunately, at the same time you also lost your half a day’s work. Here we focused on how to to retrieve your unsaved MS 2010 Word document for the time being and help you restore the work!

First, let’s recover the lost Word document via Microsoft 2010 feature. 1: Open up a new MS Word document, click “File”, “Info” and “Manage Versions” successively. Then select “Recover Unsaved Documents” in the drop down menu. After that you will find the location where a copy of the draft resides. 2: Choose the draft according to its date and open it as a new MS word document. Then use the “Save as” button on the business bar. Also for insurance purposes you can repair the unsaved document via the “Open and Repair feature. That’s all!

As the AutoRecover feature of Microsoft Word is a built-in and free function, it doesn’t works well sometimes. For example, when we restore it via AutoRecover function and open it, the Word program tell us the file is corrupted or after opening it, it shows us unreadable code and so on. If you have tried the “AutoRecover feature and failed or the Word document is very important to you, for the security, choose the second way to recover your unsaved word document.

Here we choose a professional Microsoft Office file recovery tool named Abstradrome Office Regenerator to do the work. It is designed specifically to recover the lost, deleted and overwritten office files. Learn more details of this program and follow the guide below to restore your work at ease.

Step 1: Download Abstradrome Office Regenerator here, then install and run it on your PC. Follow on selecting the “drive” that your unsaved word was located. Hit “Next”. Step 2: Check the checkbox in front of “Microsoft Office Word” to let this program only search for lost Word files. Then click “Next” to select the drive you want to save the recovered Word file. Step 3: Start to let this program scan the lost Word document by hitting “Next”. As soon as the process of scan is done, Click the “” and “” buttons to find your unsaved word documen. Step 4: If the program find plenty of Word document and hard to find the target one. Hit the “Preview Filter” button to qucikly filter out your target word file. At last, let Abstradrome Office Regenerator start restoring your unsaved Word document, that’s all!


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