Howto quantize and calculate the signal to noise ratio for analog and digital signals


RMS Noise = (Noise level in X/root Hz)*sqrt (bandwidth) RMS = \frac{Noise Level}{\sqrt[1]{Hz}}\sqrt[1]{Bandwidth}

|\bar{z}| = |z|, |(\bar{z})^n| = |z|^n, \arg(z^n) = n \arg(z)\,

Dynamic Range = SNR = RMS Full-scale/RMS Noise

Dynamic Range (dB) = SNR (dB) = 20*Log10 (RMS Full-scale/RMS Noise)

ENOB = log (FSR/RMS noise)/log (2)

The relationship between ENOB and SNR is

ENOB = (SNR(in dB) - 1.76) / 6.02


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