PowerISO is a proprietary programs that has created a file format called DAA (Direct Access Archive). These files work like RAR (file format) files. They compress a file or files into smaller uniform sized file, in the formate file_name01.daa, file_name04.daa, file_name03.daa, ... PowerISO is a windows program, but they have made a command line Linux programs to open, extract and convert their files.



  • Execute: ./poweriso -?
  • Example output:
PowerISO   Copyright(C) 2004-2006 PowerISO Computing, Inc
            Type poweriso -? for help

Usage:    poweriso <command> [parameters] [-switches]


 list <image file> <directory>    List files and directories in image file.
     Example:  List all files and directories in root direcory of /home/sam/test.iso .
     Command:  poweriso list /home/sam/test.iso / -r

 extract <image file> <dir/file name>   Extract files/directories from image file.
     Example:  Extract all files and directories in root direcory of /home/sam/test.iso
               to /home/sam/test recursively.
     Command:  poweriso extract /home/sam/test.iso / -od /home/sam/test

 convert <image file>    Convert image file to other format.
     Example:  Convert /home/sam/test.daa to standard iso file 
     Command:  poweriso convert /home/sam/test.daa -o /home/sam/test.iso -ot iso


 -r             List or extract recursively.
 -o             Specify output image file name.
 -od            Specify output folder.
 -ot <iso|daa|bin>    Specify output image file type. If not specified, 
                the image type will be determined by file name suffix.
 -volsize <n>   Split output image file to multiple volumes, and set volume
                size to <n>. Example: -volsize 100M
 -setpassword <password>   Set password for output image file. 
                Example: -setpassword 12345678

Listing contentsEdit

  • List contents of DAA files (recusively)
    • Execute: ./poweriso list filename.iso / -r
  • List contents of an ISO (recusively)
    • Execute: ./poweriso list filename.iso / -r

Extracting contentsEdit

  • Extract contents of DAA files
    • ./poweriso extract filename01.daa / -od /your_extract_directory
  • Extract contents of an ISO
    • ./poweriso extract filename.iso / -od /your_extract_directory

Converting to ISO imageEdit

  • Convert DAA files to an ISO image
    • Execute: ./poweriso convert filename01.daa -o filename.iso -ot iso


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