This technique creates the easiest didgeridoos to play, because the mouth piece is small.

Cost Time Difficulty Age Group
10$US 40m easy 13+


  1. Get a 2inch(4 cm) diameter PVC pipe longer than 5 ft(1.75m) with one end female
  2. Cut the female end off, about 6inches(18 cm) from the end
    See picture below
  3. Heat the 4inches(12 cm) of the male end with boiling water, the flame on you stove, or with a blow torch.
    Be aware that PVC fumes are highly toxic, so do it outside if you can.
  4. Quickly hammer the hot end of the pipe into the female end, causing the pipe it squeeze to a smaller diameter. See picture below.
  5. Heat the end again but only an inch from the end.
  6. Quickly and forcefully press the pipe end into a funnel, or bowl rotating in until it cools. See picture below.
  7. sand the end and should be able to be played with out beeswax.
  8. cut the pipe the sound you like.
    • long is deep and rich, but harder to play
    • Short is high pitched and not as nice sounding but is easer to play
    • the pipe must be at least 3 ft and practical maximum length of 6 ft.
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