As it is well known, Wikia is actually essentially a copy of Wikipedia. So this technique should work in Wikipedia. Images will be added to this article very soon showing me doing Wikipedia.

Alrighty folks. You don't have to make your own little bullet symbols in Wikia anymore! Cuz you can make BULLETED LISTS.


So to create the bulleted list, just pick a line in the page where the first bullet will be. You DO NOT HAVE TO place a line break there-Wikia will automatically format it. And this is what you put in that line:
That creates...

  • (TextGoesHere)

Quite simple, eh? Just keep adding on to it. No need to make the "br" notation. Let's say I wanted to make a list of the Green Line branches in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. I would put in...
*A "Watertown" branch (closed)
*B "Boston College" branch
*C "Cleveland Circle" branch
*D "Riverside" branch
*E "Heath Street" (formerly Arborway but that section closed) branch
*Red Line/Green Line Ashmont-Mattapan High-Speed Line (counted as part of Red Line)
That creates...

  • A "Watertown" branch (closed)
  • B "Boston College" branch
  • C "Cleveland Circle" branch
  • D "Riverside" branch
  • E "Heath Street" (formerly Arborway but that section closed) branch
  • Red Line/Green Line Ashmont-Mattapan High-Speed Line (counted as part of Red Line)

Demonstration images from a real Wikipedia article follows...

Example imagesEdit

A small bit of images I collected of one of my recent edits to Wikipedia. I'd already done it a day before I made this article, so I had to go back and undo it first. Hope I don't get yelled at...


The original page.

The above image shows the original page before I edited it. I was looking through and didn't see Boston's Type 8s in the list. So I began editing...


Before the slight tweak.


After typing in a few things...

And the last image comes the result...


Fa-Da! Bostonian Justice has been served.

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