Relative to the amount of money that you want to spend, The cheapest areas in New York City, that are within close proximity to(desirable areas)are Brooklyn, Long Island City, East Harlem, Lower East side, Chinatown. The Average cheap apartment ranges from 750-1200 for 1-2 bedrooms.


If you convert a warehouse space into living quarters with minor construction you could also save money. If you rent a space that is in terrible condition and spend a few months fixing it up, your rent will be very low and you will dramatically save money on a long term. Because of the high rent cost sharing a space is a standard, rebuilding or rearranging the interior will optimize individual space. Always search for innovative and alternative living situations to standard high rent apartments.


This is very simple. If you are relatively healthy, buy a well working bicycle. Subway and bus rides are depressing and cost 2 dollars each way, Taxi's are at least ten dollars. For those who are familiar to bicycle riding, a single speed roadbike is all you need in New York City. Others prefer gears but that involves more maintenance which means time and money. The only real hills in New York city are the bridges, so complex gear systems are not necessary. In terms of buying bicycles or bicycle parts, certain store will be much cheaper. A used bicycle is the way to go. A used bicycle frame with new components will perform as well as a brand new bicycle at a much lower cost.

For those who are real thrifty There are a few venues that offer free services.

Every Wednesday and Saturday will be a Freegan bike repair workshop in Brooklyn where you could Learn how to turn found bike parts into working bicycles. And build your own bike. For more info, call Christian at (917) 582-9010. 123 Tompkins in Bushwick, Brooklyn, near the Myrtle stop on the J,M,Z train.

"Recycle a bike" in DUMBO, brooklyn also offers free bicycle repair services. "TIME'S UP! Space" in 49 East Houston St. Manhattan also offers free bicycle repair, and learning programs.


Buying your own food and cooking it is the real way to save money in New York City. Joining a local Food Coop will allow you to get high quality food products and produce for reduced cost. Food Markets such as those in china town are also cheaper ways to purchse food.


free events could be found at,, and

Museums such as Gugenheim and Whitney offer free Friday visits between 6-9. Suggested donation means you can pay anything less than the suggestion. The Brooklyn Botanical garden is free on Tuesday. The school of Julliard offers daily free concerts. The Austrian Cultural Forum also offers free events.

Other free public events such as park events are advertised frequently and publicly.
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