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Protect the environment by living green lifestyle. Here is a list of ways to do it

  • 1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  • 2. Put a brick in your toilet's tank.
  • 3. Shorten showers by 3 minutes or more. (Use an egg timer to help keep track of time.)
  • 4. Turn your air conditioning two degrees up in the summer, and lower your thermostat two degrees in the winter.
  • 5. Use a push mower instead of a riding mower.
  • 7. Take a canvas bag when you go to any store, not just the grocery.
  • 8. Use silverware instead of disposable eating utensils.
  • 9. If you are printing a long document, save paper by printing on both sides of the paper.
  • 10.Recycle! Glass, metal, plastic, paper, the possibilities are endless.
  • 11.Use old rags or sponges to clean up messes instead of paper towels.
  • 12.Use old t-shirts to make rags.
  • 13.Buy organic clothes. There are jeans, t-shirts, and other items available by Arizona and WWF available at JCPenney.
  • 14.For the gals, buy organic beauty products. Physician's Formula has a good all-natural line out. Use less hair spray and more hair gel.
  • 15.Buy a hybrid car. They do cost a lot, but they save you money and reduce CO2 levels in the air.
  • 16.Do not grow a superiority complex. People see this and assume all green people are annoying 'Holier than Thou' people which turns them off being green.
  • 17.Plant a tree. Again, it reduces CO2 levels and adds oxygen, even if you plant just one. :-)
  • 18.Eat less meat! Going vegetarian reduces your carbon footprint by 1.5 tons a year.
  • 19.In the Winter, wear a sweater inside instead of turning up the heat, in the Summer, open the windows to let hot air out and cool in, instead of using air conditioner.
  • 20.Give harmful chemicals, such as cleaning products, to neighbors who will use it instead of dumping it down the drain.
  • 21.Don't litter! Don't dump anything down sewer drains, in any body of water, or on the ground.
  • 22.Don't keep the gas on, and turn it off often, turn the lights off, every time you leave a room.
  • 23.Buy the exact amount of what you need, not too little, not too much. Give leftovers to other people you know.
  • 24.Buy energy efficient light bulb, costly but helpful. Think about the polar bears and rain forest and nonrenewable resources!!!

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