You can learn how to accomplish tasks and create things with Wikihowto knowledge.

Learning is easy.. Edit

To find what you are searching for, use the "search the resource" searchbox or browse the lists:

  • Newest pages. -- Watch the list of newest instructional information directly from the tips of other people's fingers. Try it! We think it is exciting to try doing or at least consider doing what other people instruct!
  • Objects list. -- A list of topics. As the number of howtos highly exceeds the number of terms existing, we plan to have as many, or more "terms" than Wikipedia project has articles. It's a way to sort howtos.
  • See the howtos list. -- Look through the ever growing list of howtos. We think this list soon won't be necessary though.
  • See the guides list. -- Look through the guides list. Guide is another type of knowledge, where we are not saying how to accomplish it, but suggest possible solutions, or possible procedures to use to accomplish something.
  • See the portals list. -- We don't have developed portals yet, but these are to occur as soon as there will be communities with sufficient number of people with the same interests.

Constructive critisism is welcome Edit

There will be people who will make mistakes, so while reading instructions, think of them yourself, discuss the doubtful points with the author(s), and as you get experience, correct as necessary.

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