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Cadence errors and their descriptions


  • Error
In Verilog-M... not found in test fixture vermix
Exit, and delete the sim folder, there is left over crap
  • Error
... not found in map / current
verilog and symbol pins do not match
  • Error
USRWARN: You have used nondetailed Interface Element (IE) Generation USRERR: MS simulation does not support bidirectional interface element

generated by terminal bin<0> of instance I7

Verilog block has a port define as Input or Output, and a port in the hierarchy that is connected to the verilog port is defined inoutOuput


  • Error
Unexpectedly low amplitude using ideal opamps.
The gain of the opamp to low, increase it

Simulation, Edit

  • Error
Bulk-drain source junction current exceeded Imax
in a mosfets W or L you forgot the unit u

Mixed Signal SimulationEdit

  • Error
Unknown cell type functional
Change simulator to spectreverilog

  • Error
Netlist Error: Partitioning-- Must correct partitioning errors before continuing with netlisting.
Stop list and Mixed Signal/Partition option must contain the same views

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