Common CodecsEdit

These are the most common Codecs and are a good to have on you Linux system

Pictures Audio Video
  • libjpg
  • libsvg
  • libgif
  • libpng
  • libvorbis
  • libogg
  • libmad
  • libmpeg3
  • acc
  • a52
  • libmpeg2
  • xvid
  • x264
  • divx
  • porra

System independentEdit

Open CodecsEdit

Most codecs have source code for them nowadays. Here is a fairly large, but very incomplete list. Most are not necessary for most users.

lib3ds liblo libopendaap
libao liblrdf libpano12
libfame liblscp libpixman
libflash libmad libpng
libcaca libfpx libmatroska libptp2
libggi libmikmod libquicktime
libgig libmimic
libgii libmms libsdl
libmng libshout
libgpod libmnote
libhydrogen libmodplug
libdts libiec61883 libmp4v2 libsvg
libdv libifp libmpcdec libswf
libdvb libipoddevice libmpd libtheora
libirman libmpeg2
libdvdcss libj2k libmpeg3 libuta
libmusepack libvideogfx
libjsw libmustux
libnjb libvorbis
libemf libkipi libogg libwmf

Binary CodecsEdit

  • Download Binary codecs from mplayer's website
  • binary codecs the common location for copying them is
    • /usr/local/lib/codecs
    however some programs look for certain codes at
    • /usr/local/lib/win32
    If you install prefix is /usr then the codecs should be copied
    • /usr/lib/codecs
    • /usr/lib/win32
  • The best way to cover all these cases is to copy all binary codecs to
    • /usr/lib/codecs
  • Then make symbolic links to the other directories
    • ln -s /usr/lib/codecs /usr/lib/win32
    • ln -s /usr/lib/codecs /usr/local/lib/win32
    • ln -s /usr/lib/codecs /usr/local/lib/codecs

Installing Codecs in GentooEdit

To list all the codec library packages available in Gentoo

To install the ones you want

  • Execute: emerge PACKAGE_NAME

To install the binary packages described above

  • Execute: emerge win32codecs

To add the codecs to all installed programs

  • Edit /etc/make.conf
  • Edit the USE flag
    • Example: USE="quicktime real gif jpeg mpeg matroska xanim png tiff svg a52 aac exif mp3 ogg vorbis theora xpm wmf win32codecs x264 flac postscript xvid mad mp2 divx encode" #Media

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