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How to install Python Tkinter in Gentoo Linux

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Tkinter is a library for Python, and is not set to install by default in Gentoo Linux. Tkinter is required by a number of programs such as Inkscape.


The way to get tkinter is to set the use flag tk for dev-lang/python:

  • Edit /etc/portage/package.use
  • Set the USE flag by adding a new line for python:
    • dev-lang/python tk
      in the past the flag for Tkinter was tcltk
  • Recompile python
    emerge --newuse python
 * If you have just upgraded from an older version of python you
 * will need to run:
 * /usr/sbin/python-updater
 * This will automatically rebuild all the python dependent modules
 * to run with python-2.4.
 * Your original Python is still installed and can be accessed via
 * /usr/bin/python2.x.
Message from emerge output


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