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How to increase MPlayer volume above sound cards maximum volume

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MPlayer has two options for increasing volume above the sound card's maximum setting. Adjusting MPlayer's software volume, or using an audio filter to amplify the audio.

I had a problem where my DVD's would play too quiet, even when the volume was maxed out. Using this I was able to adjust the volume so the DVD would play at the same volume as any other video and i wouldn't have to readjust it each time a changed between them.

The Audio filter method tends to work better

Software VolumeEdit

Software Volume or softvol adjusts you volume using software amplification, not your sound cards hardware volume

  • To use it add:
    • -softvol −softvol-max <10.0−10000.0>
    • To set the maximum amplification level in percent (default: 110). A value of 200 will allow you to adjust the volume up to a maximum of double the current level. With values below 100 the initial volume (which is 100%) will be above the maximum, which e.g. the OSD cannot display correctly.
  • Example
    • mplayer -softvol -softvol-max 200 media.avi

Audio filter (volume increase)Edit

You can turn on an audio filter to increase the volume

  • To use it add :
    • -af volume=<v>:<sc>
      • <v> is the desired gain in dB for all channels in the stream from -200dB to +60dB, where -200dB mutes the sound completely and +60dB equals a gain of 1000 (default: 0).
      • <sc> Turns soft clipping on (1) or off (0). Soft-clipping can make the sound more smooth if very high volume levels are used. Enable this option if the dynamic range of the loudspeakers is very low.
  • Example:
    • mplayer −af volume=10.1:0 media.avi

Audio filter (volume normalizer)Edit

Maximizes the volume without distorting the sound.

    • mplayer −af volnorm media.avi


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