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Image Abbrv Full Name JEDEC/JEITA
Blank add chip GBPC rectifier [1]
Blank add chip GBPC-W rectifier [2]
Blank add chip GBU rectifier [3]
Blank add chip GBL rectifier [4]
Blank add chip KBPM rectifier [5]
Blank add chip KBU [6]
Blank add chip KBL [7]

Blank add chip Reflective Arrowhead [8]
Blank add chip Reflective Arrowhead, Wires [9]



  • DPAK: Deca-Watt Package (Hitachi) transistor
  • HDPAK: Huge Deca-watt PAcKage (Hitachi) transistor
  • LDPAK: Large Deca-watt PAcKage (Hitachi) diode
  • MPAK: Mini PAcKage (Hitachi) transistor
  • SMPAK: Super Mini Package (Hitachi) transistor
  • SPAK: Small PAcKage (Hitachi) transistor
  • UPAK: Uni-Watt Package (Hitachi) diode
  • LFPAK: Loss Free Package
  • CMPAK: Compact Mini PAcKage Hitachi diode/transistor
  • RFPAK-F Radio frequency Package G
  • RFPAK-G Radio frequency Package G


  • RP8P Radio frequency 8pin Plastic
  • RF-Or
  • RF-Q
  • 24PM-AA


  • 25PM-AA


  • SP: Single in line Package (Hitachi) transistor
  • SRP: Small Resin Package (Hitachi) diode
  • SSP: Super Small resin Package (Hitachi) diode
  • UMD: Ultra Mini Diode (Hitachi) transistor
  • URP: Ultra small Resin Package (Hitachi) transistor

  • UFP Ultra Small Flat Package
  • SFP Super Small Flat Package
  • EFP Extramly Small Flat Package

  • MELF: Metal ELectrical Face
  • MLP - Leadframe package

  • TCCN:
  • PMFP
  • SVP surface vertical package

  • LLD: LeadLess Diode (Hitachi)
  • LRP: Large Resin Package (Hitachi) diode

  • MOP: Mini Oct-Lead Package (Hitachi) transistor

  • QTCP: Quad Tape Carrier Package
  • SECC: Single Edge Cartridge Connector (Intel)

  • MELF: Metal ELectrical Face
  • MLP - Leadframe package
  • DFP: Dual Flat Package

  • LLDA

  • QCCN

  • BCC:
  • LPCC:
  • MFL:

  • CMCM: Ceramic Multi-Chip Module Package

  • 7PM-HA


  • 7PM-IA


  • 7PM-GA


  • BOC,
  • CCD II
  • DIC
  • DLP
  • Flip Stack
  • LDCC
  • LTCC
  • Micro EMS
  • TAPP™
  • Wafer Backgrind
  • Wafer Saw

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