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Pin Grid ArrayEdit

Common Prefixes
P plastic
C ceramic
FC flip-chip
m, u, μ micro
S staggered
Common Suffixes
- -

PGA: Pin Grid ArrayEdit

  • PGA: Pin grid array
Image Abbrv Full Name JEDEC/JEITA
PPGA PPGA Plastic PGA [1]
Blank add chip FC-mPGA, Micro FCPGA Micro Flip Chip PGA
Blank add chip FCPGA, FC-PGA flip-chip PGA
CPGA 223L CPGA Ceramic PGA [2]
Blank add chip OPGA Organic PGA
Blank add chip Micro-PGA, mPGA, uPGA Micro PGA
Blank add chip LCPGA Low Cost PGA

See Als:CGA

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