Sprouts are quite easy to grow and very nutritious.


  • sprouting seeds or beans
    • Mung beans
    • broccoli seeds
    • alfalfa
    • barley, buckwheat, cabbage, fenugreek, garbanzo, green peas, lentils, radishes, red clover, wheat, soy beans, sunflowers and more.
  • jar or container that can easily be drained
Cost Time Difficulty Age Group
less than 1$ 3-5days easy any


  1. purchase the beans or seeds.
    • you can buy seeds specifically for sprouting or just get the beans and seeds from the bulk food section of your Co-op or grocery story
    • if a low percentage of seeds sprout then it is better to buy the specialized seeds. This varies due to % of seed germination between seeds and such
  2. Soak the seeds for around 6 hours. more for larger beans, less for smaller seeds
  3. Drain the water and rinse
  4. get a container that can drain easily, is mostly seal able, and has a large area for the seeds to sit in a thin pool or water
  5. spread the seeds evenly across the bottom
  6. fill container with water to the height of 1/4 the bean or seeds height (very thin, little water)
  7. Place container in a dark place
  8. drain water FULLY and refill 2 to 3 times a day.
    • this is very important
    • rinse if possible
  9. if its not too difficult remove hulls and non-germinating seeds. It isn't necessary but helps.
  10. if a low percentage of seeds start to sprout, throw them away(in your compost bin) and buy better sprouting seeds. 80-90% of your seeds should sprout in a day or two.
  11. Sprouts can be eaten from the first signs for sprouting to when the second set of leaves appear. They are generally better harvested when the first leaves appear, but many people have differing preferences.
  12. Once your sprouts are almost to full height, place in indirect sunlight for 1/2 to 1 day
  13. Rinse well and refrigerate

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