US Junk Mail ListsEdit

There are a few types of junk mail lists. Independent junk mail, advertizing groups, and submerssion mail.

Independent Advertizers and CatalogsEdit

Simply find the phone number and call them. They will be very friendly and wont give you a hard time. It usually doesn't take more than 5min.

Or try:

Advertizing GroupsEdit

To get off the major Junk mail lists .

  1. First find the advertizer. It is usually on the corner of the main flyer, but some of the less ethical one try to hide it. But its always there.
  • Here are some of the common ones
    • ADVO (Mail comes with pictures of missing children). Call 1-860-285-6100 to get off the list. You may have to send a postcard to "ADVO Consumer Assistance, POB 249, Windsor CT 06095-4176".
    • Val-Pak Coupons: click the link and fill out the form - easy, but don't give them your email address.
      • Call 1-800-67-TARGET to get off the list.
      • Your local newspaper & supermarket (look for a phone number on the piece).

Junk Mail Lable


Junk Mail Response

  1. to be finished

Submersion MailEdit


Submersion Mail

  1. to be finished

Some may be on this site

Otherwise, try calling the 'Adversising' phone number.

  • They may or may not help you. And they may or may not be nice about it. It is usually a personal phone # of the person in charge of organizing the advertizers.
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