Normally I take a more long term strategy to fat loss but I know there are times when you just need to shift weight fast to look as good as possible for some event or trip you have organized at the last minute. So with this is mind here is a plan that will show you how to get a flat stomach in a week.

Adopt a positive mindset for the best results

If your serious about losing fat this quickly then its vital to remain realistic about what results you can reach From what I know already if you are disciplined you can lose between 5-10 pounds in a week.So how prominent your six pack is will be dependent on how you much body fat you had before starting the week.

The mental aspect to losing weight fast is one of the most critical features to getting the most from this week. If you are not completely focused then you will not get through the plan and therefore your results will be less than expected. Be honest and ask yourself have you got the positive mindset to complete this week and stick to the plan .

The principal feature to obtaining a flat tummy in one week

Ok to get the best results we have to create a massive calorie deficit for the entire week.

To achieve this we will have to combine a strict controlled diet with daily exercise. By the way don’t worry about slowing your metabolism down during this period because this only really applies when on very low calorie diets for many weeks


Your Flat Tummy in a week program

A one hour workout every day. This should be cardio focused and include high intensity training for 20-30 minutes.

Train in a fasted state. This entails that you haven’t eaten 4-6 hours ahead of your workout.

For the duration of the week we shouldn’t consume more than 800-1000 calories a day. If you miss exercise one day then reduce it to 600-800 .

Sugars and Fats of all varieties should be removed from your diet

Aim to have in the region of 100-150g of protein per day.

Ensure you drink enough water this week – A minimum of 4 liters every day is ideal.

Black Coffee and Green Tea can be taken if required .

Due to strict nature of the diet I would advise that you invest in a high quality multivitamin to have every day.


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