To find the contents of a directory in perl use the opendir function.

  • opendir()
    • Operats similar to the open file function open()
    • format: opendir(VARIABLE, '/full/directory/or/relative
    • Example: opendir(DIR, '.');
      open the current directory you are in and set it as variable DIR
  • readdir()
    • reads the contents of the directory
  • closedir()
    • closes the variable set for the directory read

  • practical example
    • This finds all jpgs and gifs in a directory and displays them for a website
opendir(DIR, '.');
while (defined($dir = readdir(DIR))) {
if ( $dir =~ /\.jpg/i || $dir =~ /\.gif/i)
print "<center><img src=\"$dir\"></center><br><br>\n";

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