This article seeks to explain,especially to first-time job seekers and recent college graduates, how to find employment.It seeks to describe the process and available resources. There are many ways to find employment. One can network - such as asking a neighbor if you can mow their lawn or getting a job from a family friend. Usually, however, one requires a résumé, and must be interviewed, perhaps more than once, for a position. Finding potential jobs can be a very challenging part of finding employment. In today's world, for example, one may have a university degree in political science, and be able to find employment working in a seemingly completely different area. When putting together a résumé, one needs to highlight one's experiences that speak to transferable skills, skills that are applicable to various job situations, such as interpersonal skills, dispute resolution skills, research skills, computer skills, and so on. There is a developing vocabulary of transferable skills. Job interviews are often very stressful. The more practice you have, the more you can learn to be comfortable, and to present yourself in an honest, confident way, that highlights your interest in the employment sought, your skills, and your character.

Often there is the perceived catch-22 of "We'd love to hire you, but we need someone with experience" and "How am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me?" This is where transferable skills can help you to achieve your goal, and where volunteering and internships can play an important role. Someone might not be willing to pay you, but they may be willing to give you work experience in your field of interest for a few hours a week while you support yourself with employment in an area that is less appealing to you.

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