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When you want to know more about things to do and see in your city, such as finding free parking, locating a good doctor, or discovering a fun nightlife location, and even obtaining quality tourist information, all you have to do is go to, a new location-based Q&A online community.


People can use a search engine to easily find everything right? Wrong. There are often cases when we have specific local questions for which we need specific local answers, and a Search Engine can't directly meet these needs. We often have to get information from a bunch of different resources to come up with the final answer we are looking for. Wouldn't it be better if all of the local information we needed was in one constantly updated place? When you want to get the best local information or you have city-related questions, the best local tips usually come from local people with local knowledge. On you can ask a local person about any local topic and receive tips and recommendations that are tailored to your needs. Who is the best dentist in Queens in New York? Where is the most affordable place to shop for shoes in Northeast Washington DC? Know the answer? Help people discover these new experiences on askalo. Don't know the answer? Ask a local person and they can give you useful tp { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

How to use the Internet to discover and share new experiences in your community

Tips about awesome places in your city on askalo.


  • On askalo it is easy to find trustworthy and reputable answers. The askalo community can vote on answers, and these votes help people identify which tips they can trust.
  • Users receive points and awards for their askalo activity, and users are ranked and showcased who is contributing quality information to their community. The points and awards system is a great way to help you identify the best person to answer your questions.
  • askalo allows you to add other users as friends and exchange messages on the site to allow you to connect with users who can provide you additional answers and tips about things to do and see in your city.
  • askalo also allows you to share any question with your Facebook or Twitter community. This is a great way to make sure you reach a large audience to answer your questions.

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