Please note: this is how I taught myself to draw it, so i apologise if you find it too confusing. Also, im not the best Anime artist in the world... im still learning the art too!


The hardest part of drawing anime, and what puts most people off attempting to learn, is that there are almost about a hundred different variations of the art form.

Basically, it all comes down to how "Realistic"... or how "Cartoonish" you draw it.

MOST of the realism (until you come down to 100% Cartoon... a.k.a Chibi) is the head. Facial features, the head size, hair variations and colors.


Here is the procedure to draw a classic semi-cartoonish anime. I will detail other styles, such as "realistic anime" afterwards.


Its best to start off with the eyes, but feel free to draw any amount of initial sketches of the entire figure and so fourth, whatever suits your drawing style.

  1. Sketch two lines as shown in Step 1 (right), these will be the base lines for the eyelashes. The top line is always longer than the bottom, and gradually increases the sharpness of its curve further outwards. The bottom line is a basic crescent shape.

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