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How to create a proxy server if you only have an ssh connection to the internet

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You can use the ssh command to create a SOCKS proxy server.

In a GNU/Linux distribution or BSD Edit

You go in a terminal, and type:

ssh -D 10806 user@host

Where user and host is your ssh account. The host computer needs to be able to reach the internet without proxy.

This command creates a SOCKS proxy on your localhost</t> on port 10806. You can then point your browser to use this proxy.

Additional notes Edit

  • The above technique may also be useful if you already have an internet connection, but need to browse a private intranet where you have an ssh account.
  • The <tt>ssh command is part of OpenSSH which is part of almost every GNU/Linux or BSD distribution, and also some other Unix systems and clones.
  • If the ssh server at host does not allow port forwarding, then this technique does not work.

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