Creating a new Wikihowto page is easy:

  • Creating a new page
  • One way to create a new page
    • You can create a new Howto page by typing the name of the Howto you wish to create into the box below and clicking the arrow.
Create a new page:

  • Another way to create a new page
    • On you user page add a link to the page name (the page you are going to create)
      • You can edit your user page by:
        • click your user name, on the top right corner of the page
        • click the edit tab, near the top center
      • To add a link in the edit box by simply type:
        • [[the name of your page]] double brackets make internal links in wikitext
    • Click save and you will see a red link to the blank page you want to create
    • Click the link and edit the page as you wish

See Also:

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