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Modifying MediaWiki pages in Perl.

There are a number of ways to edit MediaWiki pages in Perl.


CMS::MediaWiki is the main Perl module for reading reading editing MediaWiki pages

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Write a pageEdit

sub updatePage {
	my $pageTitle=$_[0];
	my $pageText=$_[1]; 
	my $sleepVar=0;
	my $sleepInterval=2; #in seconds
	#Post the page
	if($pageTitle eq ''){
		print "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!";
		print "!! name error: name empty";
		print "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!";
		$rc = $mw->editPage(   
			title   => "$pageTitle" ,
			section => '' , 
			text    => "$pageText" ,
		  summary => "Updated via  Bot." , #add summary as you wish
		# randome sleep from 0-n in sec
		# to put less load on server
	$sleepVar = rand($sleepInterval);
	system(" sleep $sleepVar");
	print "Page writen...\n";
  • Call sub
    • &writePage($title, $text);

Reading pageEdit

Extracting pages from Archived databaseEdit

Downloading database dump


sub downloadDB {
	my $dbfile=$dbfileLocation;
	my $dbfileOut='';
	my $dbfileType='';

	print "\n# Get the database\n\n";
	$dbfile =~ s/.*\///;
	$dbfileOut = $dbfile;
	$dbfileOut =~ s/\.gz$//;
	$dbfileOut =~ s/\.bz2$//;
	system("rm -f $dbfile"); #removing old file
	system("rm -f $dbfileOut");
	system("wget  $dbfileLocation"); #getting db
	$dbfileType = $dbfile;
	$dbfileType =~ s/.*\.//; #aquiring db file type
	if ( $dbfileType eq 'gz' ) { #extraxting db
		system("gzip -d $dbfile");
	} elsif ( $dbfileType eq 'bz2' ) {
		system("bzip2 -d $dbfile");
	return $dbfileOut;
  • Calling subrutine
    • $dbfile = &downloadDB;
      $dbfile is the variable using for the database file name

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