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xterm parameters can be set in a few different configuration files

Various Configuration FilesEdit

  • User config files
    • ~/.Xdefaults
    • ~/.Xresources
  • Global Various Files
    • /etc/X11/Xresources


  • *visualBell: BOOLEAN
    Changes system beep to make the windows background flicker
  • XTerm*saveLines: INTEGER
    The number of lines that do not clear the screen after the program exits
  • XTerm*background: COLOR
    The color of the background
  • XTerm*foreground: COLOR
    Color of highlighted text
  • XTerm*pointerColor: COLOR
    • Color of the mouse pointer when it's in front on the xterm window
  • XTerm*pointerColorBackground: white
    Border color around the mouse pointer
  • XTerm*cursorColor: COLOR
    Color of cursor
  • XTerm*pointerShape: SHAPE
    Sets mouse pointer's appearance when over the xterm window
    Options: XTerm, left_ptr, bogosity, ...
  • XTerm*font: FONT
    Sets the font
    Example: -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal*14-140-75-75-m-90*

XTerm*internalBorder: INTEGER XTerm*loginShell: BOOLEAN XTerm*scrollBar: BOOLEAN XTerm*scrollKey: BOOLEAN


  • XTerm*VT100*titeInhibit: true
  • XTerm*alwaysHighlight: yes
  • XTerm*marginBell: yes
  • xterm*iconPixmap: /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-gemvt.xbm
  • xterm*iconMask: /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-gemvt-mask.xbm
  • XTerm*iconName: terminal
  • Mwm*xterm*iconImage: /home/a/a1111aa/xterm.icon
  • XTerm*loginShell: true
  • XTerm*scrollColor: black
  • XTerm*allowSendEvents: True
  • XTerm*sessionMgt: false
  • XTerm*eightBitInput: false
  • XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
  • XTerm*internalBorder: 10
  • XTerm*highlightSelection: true
  • XTerm*VT100*colorBDMode: on
  • XTerm*VT100*colorBD: blue
  • XTerm.VT100.eightBitOutput: true
  • XTerm.VT100.titeInhibit: false
  • XTerm*color0: black
  • XTerm*color1: red3
  • XTerm*color2: green3
  • XTerm*color3: yellow3
  • XTerm*color4: DodgerBlue1
  • XTerm*color5: magenta3
  • XTerm*color6: cyan3
  • XTerm*color7: gray90
  • XTerm*color8: gray50
  • XTerm*color9: red
  • XTerm*color10: green
  • XTerm*color11: yellow
  • XTerm*color12: blue
  • XTerm*color13: magenta
  • XTerm*color14: cyan
  • XTerm*color15: white
  • XTerm*colorUL: yellow
  • XTerm*colorBD: white
  • XTerm*mainMenu*backgroundPixmap: gradient:vertical?dimension=400&start=gray10&end=gray40
  • XTerm*mainMenu*foreground: white
  • XTerm*vtMenu*backgroundPixmap: gradient:vertical?dimension=550&start=gray10&end=gray40
  • XTerm*vtMenu*foreground: white
  • XTerm*fontMenu*backgroundPixmap: gradient:vertical?dimension=300&start=gray10&end=gray40
  • XTerm*fontMenu*foreground: white
  • XTerm*tekMenu*backgroundPixmap: gradient:vertical?dimension=300&start=gray10&end=gray40
  • XTerm*tekMenu*foreground: white
  • XTerm*rightScrollBar: true
  • XTerm*VT100*colorBDMode: on
  • XTerm*VT100*colorBD: purple
  •  ! Colour for underline attribute
    • XTerm*VT100*colorULMode: on
    • XTerm*VT100*underLine: on
    • XTerm*VT100*colorUL: red
  •  ! Turn on colour mode in your xterms
    • XTerm.VT100*dynamicColors: On

Special charactersEdit

  •  !
    Exclamation mark allows commenting text

Enable configurationsEdit

You can ether simply open a new window of execute the following command

  • xrdb -merge .Xresources



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